A Curlblazer is someone who embraces every texture of life and maximize on the territory that her/his feet are planted on at the time.

A Curlblazer is someone who is fearless and strives to make every second in this life count.

A Curlblazer is also one who owns her/his kinks, realizing that mistakes are just a part of the journey to help transform her/him naturally into whom they are designed  to be.

A Curlblazer is patient and knows that she/he will get where they’re destined to be one strand at a time.

A Curlblazer understands that her/his mane is customized for their individual purpose.

A Curlblazer uplifts others.

A Curlblazer is never jealous of another’s curl pattern.

A Curlblazer knows that what she/he contributes to this world is valuable.

A Curlblazer isn’t keeping count of how many fans she/he has.

A Curlblazer is naturally okay.

A Curlblazer is certain that her/his curls may not always be perfect, but each strand serves a unique purpose.

A Curlblazer is grateful.

A Curlblazer is content in each season in life.

A Curlblazer has the potential to change the world, if not the world, she/he will touch a lot of kinks and that’s no lye.

“A Curlblazer has the ability to ignite a fire that can stay blazing forever in the hearts of many.”  

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite  

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