Jumping from person to person,

Leaving broken pieces here and there,

Sit down somewhere.

People can’t heal you.

Get by yourself and find yourself.

Stop patching bruises and scars up.

Temporarily numbing the pain,

When the substance wears off, you back to feeling the same thing.

Investing in people who don’t have an account,

Deposit that energy into yourself.

Stop blaming other people for the reason why things went left.

Harboring hurt from years ago, forgive them and set yourself free.

Look in the mirror and say, I love me, I love all of me.

Stop sharing your valuable assets with everyone.

If someone cares for you, it will be displayed in their actions.

Invest in yourself and become passionate about you.

Bury the jealousy that you secretly hide.

Surrender all and be honest with yourself, admit that you’re tired.

Healing starts with you, I’m your friend, but I can’t help you if you don’t help you.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite


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