Single Mother

Single Mother

Raising us alone, but didn’t make us alone.

Gave your heart to a man and he left us alone.

Making us meals out of scraps, but our bellies were full.

Sewing and stitching pieces together so that we would have clothes to wear.

Made us feel special and assured us that you’d always be there.

Taught us how to survive with and without,

We never heard you complain about taking care of us.

No tears or sweat was in our sight.

You kept smiling and told us that it’ll be alright.

Giving us all you had.

Happy Mother’s Day Single Mother and because of you we still made it despite the fact of a deadbeat dad.

“Whatever you lack, God has a way of supersizing what you have.”  #supersizemom  

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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