The rumors

The lies

The Jealousy

The hate

The attacking

At times it gets the best of me.

Disrupting my life,

Threating my livelihood,

Why is it that you’re always up to no good?

You live to wreck my life.

Every time I turn the other cheek, here you come again with a sharper knife.

Threating my joy

Robbing me of my peace

Burying me alive

Shout out to Maya Angelou, Still I Rise.

It’s not easy though.






Why do you inflict so much hell?

You hate me, but I’m praying for you and I still wish you well.

Why so much pain?

Your daily agenda is slandering my name.

The truth about the lies you tell, they hurt deeply.

Shhhhh, be quiet.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite 



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