I Love Me

Years ago, more like yesterday,

I didn’t realize how much I was failing at loving me.

Not to mention, how much life I had stolen from me.

I’d accept the unacceptable.

I’d excuse the inexcusable.

I’d be a straight up mess and pretend like I had it all together.

Justifying unhealthy relationships,

Holding on to seasonal friendships,

Fast forward, things are different these days.

I wake up to put a smile on the lady’s face that pierces my soul with her sharp eyes.

I’m focused on the woman that I have to eat, sleep, pray, and deal with every day of my life.

Conscientious of what I feed my brain and body.

Fueled with energy to satisfy me,

Now I know that my happiness starts and ends with me.

Every day I’m falling more and more in love with me.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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