Color Me Not

A black woman, I am.

What else do you see?

You’re missing everything about me because it’s only my color that you see.

Color me not!

Look beyond the skin that drapes my beautiful soul.

Travel through the textures of my heart instead of my hair.

Speak to me instead of acting like I’m invisible and you didn’t see me there.

Realize that the tears that I cry fall from my eyes just like yours.

The laughter that comes out of my mouth is contagious just like yours.

The blood that runs through my body is red just like yours.

I fall asleep and the same son that rises the sun for you rises it for me too.

Big dreams visit my brain and I desire to make them my reality as well.

Color me not!

We are different skin tones, so what!

Here’s what you’re missing when you allow color to put limitations on your vision.

A person that could help you through some of your darkest days,

An idea that could take your company to an unknown level,

A pint of blood or organ that could save your life,

A lifelong partner that could have been your husband or your wife,

A light that you’ve never seen,

Color me not!

Get to know me beyond my color and you’ll see what I mean.

“A beautiful soul is like tea mixed with lemon and honey, bitter and sweet, well balanced.”

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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