Fifty Shades, I love every shade.

I don’t know why every time I hear your name I get butterflies in my belly.

Smiling because you are always on my mind so heavy,

I can’t understand why some things feel so good and hurt so bad at the same time.

Tears of pain and joy intertwined.

Distracting me while I’m trying to be productive at work,

Controlling my thoughts as if I’m robotic,

I’m always saying YES, even when I’m telling you to stop it.

Thinking of you often, you steal my mind without my consent.

No clue about what you’re doing to me, just don’t quit.

Afraid and brave in the same moment,

Looking into your eyes is so hypnotizing

You can be so cold, yet even the sound of your voice makes my temperature rise.  

From the day that I met you, I knew it was something mysterious in your eyes.

Talking to myself before each encounter saying, I just can’t do this.

Then, every time I leave your presence, I sit and reminisce.

Being punished and rewarded at the same time.

Scream for help or whisper thank you.  

You’re so confusing.

Firmly telling you No, but I’m always saying, YES.

I love my Mr. Grey! #FiftyShadesofGrey

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite


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