I need your help.

I’m tired mentally and physically.

Popping these pills to escape the pain,

Drinking alcohol to numb the hurt,

Smoking to calm my nerves,

Trying to suppress all of these demons, yet they overpower me.

At times, I just stand underneath the water and let it shower me.

Hoping and praying that it washes away the depression and cleanse my stressful soul.

Curled up in my bed like a newborn, crying to be held,

I’m starving for love, peace, and joy.

Fill me up so that I’m full of life.

Sitting with my hand under my chin, confused as the weather.

Struggling with my purpose,

What am I supposed to be doing?

I need your help.

Grace come and save me.

Deliver me from destruction.

Mold me and make me, I need to be under construction.

Another pill, sip, puff, isn’t going to do it

I need your help so I can get through it.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite  

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