I look back and I just smile.

I can remember how things would upset me.

Now, all I can do is say, wow!

I’ve grown and I’ve learned…………….

Everything doesn’t need my attention.

Things that may have seemed like a loss, but with God, I’m always winning.

If you listen to miserable people, your head will always be spinning.

The devil will always be in your face grinning.

Smile back at the joker, bind him up in prayer and silently choke him.

Everything isn’t for me, but what is, I know that it’ll be mine.

Nothing in life is too early or too late, it’s always on time.

Know the truth about you and don’t let people’s lies break you down.

Don’t be afraid to walk alone because you’re never alone.

Let your actions validate your reputation.

I realize that not everyone has a desire to grow and learn.

That’s fine.

“Don’t be upset when people are content with being messy all the days of their lives; love them from afar and keep on moving.”  

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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