Warm Up

I get it.

You’ve been hurt and so have I.

However, you are hurting me right now no lie.

I’m knocking on the daily bases and you refuse to let me in.

You have your doors locked because of what your past relationships dealt you back then.

I’m not them and I will never be.

Open up your eyes and see me for me.

You try to hold your feelings for me hostage.

These actions will never bring us any closer, please stop it.

I’m not the one who froze your heart and turned you cold.

So, stop treating me as such.

I am the one who desires to thaw you out and warm you up.

Baby, let me warm you up.

I can relate to the hurt, but the difference between you and me, I refuse to let it freeze my heart.

We deserve to be loved warmly, baby don’t let your past take you from me, you have to warm up.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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