Who is she?

Who is she?

Have a seat, I’ll tell you all about her

The one who takes care of you, you and you

Not having time to look in the mirror at herself

The one who absorbs all of the rumors and lies

That you, you, and you put out

The one who laughs to hide the tears

The one who acts brave despite all of her fears

The one that everyone gossips about and never addresses directly

The one that you tear apart instead of trying to uplift   

The one who keeps her secrets because if she told you, you would tell 

The one you said, goodbye to and never wished well

The one who knew you never liked her, but stood tall and never let you see her fail

The one who gives and never receives

The one who let you borrow and never reminded you of your fees

The one who you say you love, but secretly hate

The one who you did wrong and never apologized

The one who still made it, are you surprised?

Now, do you know who she is?

She is just a woman that is trying to live

And you are silently trying to kill her vibrant spirit

Let her live…………………………..

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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