Let's Eat

Let’s Eat Delicious every time I see you Sitting in front of you eating this conversation up Looking at you, my thoughts just start doing too much Browsing through the menu, decisions galore I know I’m so full of you, but I always find myself wanting more    I swear I be trying to ignore these cravings, but your aroma just warms my soul Smiling and I can’t stop Looking at the waiter as she asked, do you need a few more minutes I replied, no, I know exactly what I’m going to order  I’ll have the endless forgiveness on the rocks I’ll have the I’m going to love you until my heart stops I’ll have a side of protection and peace I’ll have the dinner portion of loyalty I’ll have a side of appreciation because I know how he likes to spoil me I’ll have honesty and all the essential ingredients For you sir, I’ll have the same thing she’s having except I’m going to have a side of the feed her until her heart is filled with joy Also a large order of the hold her tight and never let go and the fill her appetite up with everything she needs and more The waiter said, okay I’ll put your order in Gazing in your eyes as I grin Here is my heart for you to keep, I love baby, now, Let’s Eat!