Looking in the mirror performing this length check

I didn’t realized how long my problems had stretched

The shrinkage was real and I had became pretty good with camouflaging how I feel

Unsatisfied with myself because I was afraid to expose the real me

Worrying about not being accepted in this messed up society  

I looked at this texture of mine and declared that right now is the time

The time for me to walk in the path that was customized for me

The time for me to express my very own creativity

The time for me to stop fearing my own originality

This new journey is like sunshine peeping into a room filled with darkness

Shampoo cleansing me from roots to ends

Vision clearer now than what it was back then

Deep conditioner seeping into my soul

Transitioning into a new woman and I declare she’s so bold!      

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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