A Prayer For Peace

A Prayer for Peace

I’m coming to you pleading with tears in my eyes

Not for me, her, him, them, but this whole entire nation

I know that you are omnipresent and you are in this mist of all of the battles that we are facing  

Lord, I know that you are a comforter and a healer

Embed yourself in the hearts of hateful men

Erase that strong desire for us to sin

Remove discrimination among all people

Silence the violence

Lord, I ask that you send us a rainbow of hope

A pillow of peace

I ask that your will be done and that the will of men cease

Protect us and keep us in your care

Lord, erase our fears that are holding us hostage

Chaos, chaos, chaos, I know that you are able to stop it

Lord, sometimes things are just overwhelming

Help us to love and support one another

I know that you can bring us relief

I’m casting all of my worries and frustrations over because I know that you can and will see about me


I'sha GainesComment