My mirror, I constantly check

I desire to see a reflection of you as I glance

Observing you, I’ve learned to make a living on my own

Never be dependent upon no one

Never look for handouts

Spoil myself rotten

By using my own hardworking hands

Seek approval from only the Lord

To heck with it, if people don’t understand

Ignore trends and be a creator of my own unique brand

Hate, deceit, jealousy, and envy surrounding me

You taught me how to pray and just stand

Ensuring me that these storms shall past

Sometimes it seems like it will rain forever, but it won’t last

You like music, but you don’t like to dance

Every time I move my feet, I desire to move my life in the direction that you travel

Over the years, I’ve witnessed you conquer a variety of battles

God granted me life and placed me in your care

You equipped me for my journey ahead

Thank you God for Mama every time I bow my head……………..


Written By: Marquisha Applewhite 

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