The “Ethnic Hair” Shelf

The “Ethnic Hair” Shelf by Brittany Alysse Henry


 Thank you big corporations, drug stores and beauty supplies

For offering a plethora of hair products to choose from in my very own aisle

I love walking down to see  the ethnic hair care easy to miss sign

And feeling underwhelmed, disappointed, and not very surprised

That the same 6 products you always carry are the only options for my hair.

I appreciate you small town for showing just how much you care

To provide people like me with our very own shelf in your beauty enterprise

For I cannot imagine how I would keep up these kinky tresses of mine

Without the same old products you offer every single time 

I am grateful to you small town for giving me the space of my own

Packed with limited options in this place that is home

All the while instagram shows me the newest natural hair craze

The product I must have but my store isn’t the same

For I will once again stroll into the store in hopes that I’ll see

That you added at least 3 new products for a woman like me

But of course the same disappointment will greet me as before

Because it is evident that I am no one worth having adequate products in your store.

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