Make Me

By: Marquisha Applewhite

Make Me

Give me a reason to trust you instead of giving me reasons to be reserved

Get to know me for yourself instead of building an image of me about things you done heard

Talk to me instead of expressing yourself to others about me

Let me be the one to determine whether you really like me

I use to just look over things and acted as if everything was okay

Well, the older I got I grew up mentally and that physically brought about a few changes

A text that says, Good Morning can’t satisfy a woman who desires to serenade you with her voice

Calling at the very last few hours left in the night can’t satisfy a woman who has had you on her mind all day

A meal with no dessert can’t satisfy a woman who is truly sweet on you

Timeframes can’t satisfy a woman who desires to spend every minute with you

Make me feel the sunrise in the morning

Make me feel like I’m constantly on your mind

Make me feel like you have to have me after every meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Make me feel like I’m celebrating Christmas in the middle of September

Make me feel wanted

Make me feel your consistency to assure me that you’ll always be by my side

Make me feel like I have a rider when I have to get up and go ride

Make me feel full of energy when I’m feeling dog tired

Make me feel you, touch me so I can feel you.   

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite 

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