Why I Love Him?

Why I love him?

He looks like he stepped freshly out of a magazine

That’s not it

I’m not foolish at all

His touch feels like my favorite Victories Secret Panties

So comfortable, no secret  

That’s not it 

His pockets are deep as the ocean

He has me swiping his credit cards like I’m putting on lotion

Nope, that’s not it

So, not his fineness, his touch, or his wealth

Let me tell you about his wealth and why I never left

He came to me and accepted me for the broken woman that I was

He saw my flaws and embraced each one

He gave me words when I couldn’t speak one

He touched me without unzipping my pants

He didn’t have any music playing, but made my feet dance

He stripped me down naked without removing any of my clothes

I opened my closet to show him my skeletons and he never once froze

He recognized my worth and declared to me that he was rich

He encouraged me when clouds of depression were in the forecast

He reassured me that all of my troubles, they wouldn’t last

He made me smile without reason

He made it very clear he was here for a lifetime and not just for a season

Why I love him? Why wouldn’t I love him? He gives me all of the right reasons.  


Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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