Natural Shoes

Natural Shoes


Unspoken words, speaking volumes

Measuring up to an indefinite amount

Blessings galore, can’t even count

Smiles that set off your alarm

Apology accepted, I know you didn’t mean any harm

Infected by jealousy, that tallied up for my betterment 

The drama and the lies, still remain irrelevant 

Dragged my feet temporarily but not for long

Falling off the stage contributed to the reason why I’m so strong

Reflecting back on my Natural Pumps

Invisible to the pain that caused my head to thump

Cat walked myself right across that bump

Painting over my life with the brush that you held in your hand wishing me failure 

A work of art so beautifully created, I can’t even began to tell ya

Starting off with a word of thanks to express my gratitude

Believe it or not, you endorsed this attitude

Looking beyond imperfections of human nature

Forced me to fall in love vs. hate ya

Lusting to give me the blues

Your mistake motivated me to put on my Natural Shoes! 


Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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