Fire Works

Fire Works

Setting off my alarm morning, noon, and night

I can’t explain these feelings, but it just feels so right

Sounds of your voice elevates my thermostat

I can’t explain these temps, but I’ll let you continue to adjust that

Your touch sends ripples of joy throughout my veins 

It’s amazing how you made me forget about all of my pain 

I can’t explain this condition, but I desire to live with it forever

The look in your eyes undresses my heart 

Stripped down naked everything exposed 

It leaves me in awe, how much you love me after removing all of my flawed up clothes 

I can’t explain the prescription for your vision, but I want you to keep your eyes on me

Your ears catch the pins as they hit the floor 

I never said a word, but everything I desired to say you heard

I can’t explain how you release my tongue without me speaking, but I just want you to continue to hear the pins as they start leaking

My soul is so full of your fire and I’m so in love with the way it works within me. 

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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