A Prayer For Me

A Prayer for Me  (Dedicated to Vlogger, Meechy Monroe and HBN Social Media Manger Sharee Rabb)

As I bow my head

I come to you saying, thank you

Thank you for what you have already did, doing, and what you are getting ready to do

I ask for forgiveness because I know that I don’t always get it right

I ask for peace because sometimes this worrying keeps me up at night

Lord, I ask you for strength because at this moment I am so weak 

I know that you are my strength and you will build me so that I can stand 

I ask you for healing 

Touch every inch of my customized body created by you

I ask you to remove the pain 

If you choose not to remove it, Lord I ask that you would soothe the pain 

I know that there is power in your name 

You control every aspect of my life

You knew my destination before I ever arrived

Lord, sometimes trying to make this journey I find myself tired

You knew where I would be and everything that I would go through 

Now, I am casting my cares aside and I am depending on you

I don’t understand what you are doing, but I will trust you

I realize that sometimes my struggles aren’t about me 

You oftentimes want to use me and make an example for others to see

As I am fighting for my life, Lord I know that you are in the mist 

You have never left me nor forsaken me, so I know that you will be right here with me as I go through this.  Amen. 

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite


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