Year Around

Year Around 


Love me hard

Brightness in every corner, Love me harder

When the rain starts pouring and the thunder speaks, Love me the hardest


Hug me close

People trying to come between us, Hug me closer

When weakness is surrounding my muscles and depression whispers, Hug me the closest


Hold my hand tight

People trying to grip the joy we share, Hold my hand tighter

When wrong tries to outweigh right, Hold my hand the tightest


Stare at me deep

Remind me why you fell in love, Stare at me deeper

When our relationship feels shallow, Stare at me the deepest


Feed me slow

People trying to leave a bad taste in our mouths about one another, Feed me slower

When things don’t taste like they use to, Feed me the slowest 


Rush me home fast

People trying to keep our hearts distant, Rush me home faster

When our hearts feel as if they’re racing from one another, Rush me home the fastest 


When the storm starts to get severe and the winds begin to blow

Don’t look for me baby, I’m right here by your side, if you didn’t know

Year around love, no traits of that come and go! 


Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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