Precious Memories

Precious Moments 

Carried you for months 

Losing you in one day

The weight that I carry on my heart, sometimes I just don’t know what to say

Heavy is what I feel 

Death calling my name, but I know it’s not my time, so I still have to live

All this love that I had and have for you, I just wanted to give, give, give 

Looking at these 3D images, traveling down memory lane

You made me obey the sunrise 

Those tiny kicks kept joy in my eyes 

Flipping my vision over and over again  

A refreshed meaning to living life

I knew that when I heard your heart beat, I had enough to live for twice  

You gave me air when I couldn’t breathe 

Now, I feel like my lungs are collapsing as I’m slowly try to grieve 

I couldn’t wait to take pictures of saliva running down your fat cheeks as you teethe

I can see your little face now, chewing on my sleeve

Your tiny fingers rearranging my hair 

Now, I’m looking in the mirror and you’re not even there 

Admitting that to myself is healing and I will get through

Every day I try to smile at least one time for you  

God needed some help in Heaven, so he called you

Please know that I miss you every second 

I think about you every minute 

I long for you every hour

Days aren’t a walk in the park

Nights are oftentimes dark and cold

Months are a struggle every time I approach the date of losing you

I miss you baby and believe it or not mommy just smiled one time for you because I know that Heaven is a better place for you.   

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite 


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