Behind the Shades

Behind the shades

You never know what my eyes have seen or what my ears have heard

In this lifetime, a lot of things will leave you disturbed

People will shortchange you and not always give you what you deserve

Why do you put your lips on a face that you never kissed?

Pay attention to people because it’s always something that you’ve missed

Why do we bury people in depression and offer no help?

Mental Illness is real; choose to be a part of their recovery steps

You never know how one lies down at night to rest

Hour after hour no sleep yet

Been up worrying, I bet

People will never forget how those first, second, and third degree burns felt on their hearts

The sun may not shine on me like it does you

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not shining

It’s just a difference between our timing

Sometimes it’s so hard to let the light in

Reflections of what life was back then

Everyone has a story

Be mindful of who gets your glory

Behind the Shades you may never know

Please just don’t be a part of why my head hangs low.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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