Daddy, daddy, do you hear me calling you

I ran outside thinking that I could find you there

My voice echoed in between the trees and the houses in between 

My uncle answered and I yelled, I wasn’t calling for you

Uncle said, I heard you, what was it that you needed your daddy to do

I ignored him and ran back inside the house 

I put my lips against the bathroom door

I said, daddy, daddy, are you in there, come out when you get done

I sat down in floor and told myself he won’t be long

I waited a few hours and they rapidly turned into days 

The few days that I was in the waiting room, they turned into months 

The months that I stayed right there turned into years 

I looked into the mirror and I was a grown woman, eyes filled with tears

Reflecting back on the emptiness that I felt and that I constantly feel

Daddy, daddy, where are you is the question that lingers within mind

I often wonder why you didn’t want me and my sisters from time to time

My memories of you are few and yours of me are even greater

Do you ever wonder what I’m doing in the world? 

Am I an alcoholic, drug addict or did some other man desire to father daddy’s little girls 

I kept calling you, like your name was in the washer machine on spin

My voice faded in the wind

Daddy, daddy, I never heard you answer; I guess you didn’t hear me calling your name. 

By: Marquisha Applewhite

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