New Year's Prayer

As I bow my head,

I’m not making any resolutions this year.

I’m asking for some much needed help.

Where do I begin?

Help me to be a better friend, listen more and talk less.

Help me to relax and not stress.

Help me not to be greedy, yet realize how much I’m blessed.

Help me to say NO and stop saying YES.

Help me to not give up so easy when I’m going through a test.

Help me to fall asleep at night and get plenty of rest.

Help me to take care of me and avoid all invitations to mess.

Help me to claim healing for any sickness that may occur.

Help me to be at peace if you choose not to heal.

Help me to find joy in everyday I live.

Help me to have a heart to want to give.

Help me to forgive people who abuse me.

Help me to not overlook the people who soothe me.

Help me to stand on my truth in the mist of lies.

Help me to identify and embrace my own gifts.

Help me to make time for the people, places and things that I love dearly.

Help me to see my wrongdoings more clearly.

Help me to keep negative thoughts and feelings under control.

Help me to have more self-confidence in myself.

Help me to not be ashamed to ask for help when I can’t help myself.

Help me to forget about the one who broke my heart.

Help me to not worry about what others are doing, just do my part.

Help me to not be jealous of this person and that person.

Help me to choose my words wisely before I start cursing.

Help me to apologize if I’m in the wrong.

Help me to release unhealthy relationships.

Help me to know my worth and not settle for just anyone.

Help me to be patient while I wait for the one.

Help me to help somebody.

Help me to be a light in dark places.

Help me to hold on to you while I’m chasing my dreams.

Help me to know that everything will be alright no matter how bad it seems.

Help me to take good care of my mind and body.

Help me to trust in your word.

Help me in every area of my life.

New Year, No New Me, I just need your help polishing up the old me.

Happy New Year!

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite

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