Peace Rush Home

Peace rush home in a hurry

Violence running rapid in our world

Young girls and guys lives are being lost

How many more of our children’s lives will it cost?

Console the grieving moms and dads

Comfort them as they bury the only child that they had

Hate, discrimination, and violence are taking control everyday

Guns are not the answer, let’s reconcile another way

Blood flowing like the Mississippi River

Children are gifts, so what will these parents have as they slowly approach December

Nothing but tears flowing as they painfully remember

What does the future really look like if our children are supposed to be the future?

Hopes and dreams are being shattered before they see their 12th grade graduation

Some changes has to be made in the hearts of men

Peace rush home in hurry.

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite  

I'sha GainesComment