Just sit here in silence and let each other’s presence make all of the noise

Let’s turn the phones off and enjoy this moment

Sitting here in silence and I still hear your voice

Eyes closed and I still see you looking at me

Your hands not even touching me and I still feel you touching me

I haven’t even spoken a word and yet you’re deciphering me

Giving you a sample and you figured out the whole recipe

I give a little and somehow you always pull out the best in me

I make mistakes all the time and you never think any less of me

There are a million other people that you could have chosen and you still chose me

Sometimes when I’m not feeling myself, I wish that I could borrow your vision and see within me

Every secret you have kept

An angel right beside me as I slept

A box of tissue as I wept

Stairway from the bottom to the top never missed a step

A shield of protection

A pillow of peace

Motivation to keep me going

Before we turn the phones back on and let the world back in   

Let’s just embrace this moment.  

Written By: Marquisha Applewhite





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