Big Chop

Contemplated on whether I should or shouldn’t

Why didn’t I make this decision a long time ago

I guess I just wasn’t ready

I knew deep down inside that mixing this relaxed hair with this natural hair was nothing but trouble

Deep sigh, oh brother

Every time I turned around I was tangled up in something

Finally I got tired of being partial between the two

Then, I just made the decision to big chop

I chose me over you

I told the beautician, cut it all off

She said, no problem

Snip, snip, snip

I made the decision to do me

Then, people got disturbed

I know who I am; I can give a darn about what you’ve heard

I cut off everything that was a hindrance to my dreams

If you are of no substance to my formula

I don’t need you in my equation

I’m not acting funny; I just did a big chop

I cut that drama and negativity off

Embracing my new growth is such a wonderful feeling. Written By: Marquisha Applewhite