Our Children

We see them, but we act like we’re blind


Blind to all of the agony that they’re going through


We see the blood leaking and yet they still can’t get through to us


Holding out their hands for help and we pass them by


They try to tell us the truth and we shut them down with a lie


Placing duct tape across their mouths and daring them to speak


Depression weighing them down every day of the week


They are starving for love and we refuse to give them something to eat


 Ignoring tears as they flow down their innocent faces


How many? How many? Our hearts should be heavy with these disturbing cases


Our children are begging to be saved and it’s sad that we don’t realize it until another one is put in the grave


We must pay attention to our children because oftentimes they lose their voice


They turn to destructive things because they feel they have no choice


Our children are crying for direction


We need to help them find their way and love them back this way


 Our children need us rightnow and they can’t afford to wait another day.


Written By: MarquishaApplewhite