Bernadette Robinson Can Jump Some Rope!

    When we ran across Bernadette Robinson's awesome YouTube videos of her jump roping we were amazed! She is a self-taught jump roper who works out religiously. She taught jump rope classes at the YMCA in the Bronx, New York. She will return, as the weather calms down and will restructure her class to include incline jump rope and bodyweight exercises.  The mother of two boys attends 24-Hour Fitness and will from time-to-time train at a boxing gym. Her routine includes a mixture of cardio, weightlifting and calisthenics - not to mention her favorites - jump roping and pushups. Although she took a hiatus after 5 years after having her children, Robinson used her training from former middleweight boxer Michael Olijide Jr. to get back into jump roping and achieve her weight loss success. Formerly at 230 pounds and now not at a solid 193, the athlete still trains faithfully!
    “I could be down more, but I love muscles,” Robinson said. “I achieved my goals by changing my eating habits. I portion and eat 6 small meals a day. I weight train 3 times a week and do cardio the other 2 and take bootcamp on the 7th day.”
    You can view Robinson’s awesome jump rope videos on her YouTube channel: @bernapril20 or online at 

I'sha Gaines3 Comments