(Digital) Ratchet + Worthy Affirmation Workbook

(Digital) Ratchet + Worthy Affirmation Workbook

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Whether you’re spiritual or not so much, there’s 7 things we’ve all struggled with at some point or another. We lust over things that we want, consume more than what we need, can be selfish, lazy, angry, a little jealous at times and on a good day, prideful. It happens to the best of us. We get stuck here, ultimately effecting our relationship with ourselves and with our passions. 

Our culture makes it easy to lead unhealthy lives and although we can’t control the world, we can control ourselves. In this affirmation workbook, we’ve identified 7 key areas and are giving you strategies to make these 7 little ratchet areas work for you. Cause you’re worthy. 

You can live a more fulfilled life when you’re not controlled by your weaknesses, your pasts and your negative thoughts. We’re here to Affirm who you are in your craziest moments. Use this guide to help grow the queen in you.

Foreword: Bre Scullark Written by: Urma Redmond

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