The Editors Note...

It’s funny that no one really tells you what a milestone is when it comes to your business. It's really something that's special to you. I mean "YEAR ONE" is something to celebrate, but everything in between and after, I feel it's personal to you! I personally believe in celebrating EVERYTHING! However BIG or SMALL, you taking on the challenge of starting a business is something special! I'm saying this to say, we've had a few milestones that have not only helped me grow personally, but I think HoneyBeNatural is finally becoming what I imagined it to be!

As we celebrate 5 years, I want to THANK YOU all for your support over the years. Tackling 80% of the magazine tasks alone wasn't the plan, but it's what I needed to learn the ends and outs of my business. I needed to learn how to navigate solo, before I could communicate to others what I needed. If you've dropped us a line, reposted us, purchased a magazine or subscribed digital...... it means the world to me.... AND - With the launch of our internship program this year, I feel like together we can continue to spread the message of empowerment and loving yourself in its natural state! ABOUT THIS ISSUE - I want this issue to encourage you to UP THE COMPLETENESS in your life. We're giving away FREE advice on rising in communication, creating a home of peace and the life you want, loving yourself and body in its natural state, and using the power of music to transition through life's stages!

I feel when you start to improve all areas of your life it eventually makes life sweeter, more organized and more complete. Cheers to the WHOLE NEW YOU! Let us know what you think about the issue by tagging us @honeybenaturalmag


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Listen to this special curated music playlist, featuring covers by our cover model, Dana Harper and her personal & complete list of life-changing songs.