Name of Business: Naima

Business Location: Los Angeles

What service do you provide? I'm a model, an author and a musician. A large part of my career includes public motivational and inspirational speaking with young people. 

Motivation/Inspiration for starting your business/service: I want to inspire people. I want to create value in the lives of people doing what I am good at. 

Hobbies: I love writing music. Its more of a passion than a hobby. I love wine tasting as well. Working out, spin cycle class or a yoga class is three times a week! 

When do you take your best photos?

I love taking on the whim photo shoots with friends and creative people.... just for the fun of it and to do something art driven and creative!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I live in Los Angeles and I love going to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica to shop around. The beach is just two blocks away and you can't beat the view! Sometimes after shopping I'll meet friends for dinner on a roof top restaurant overlooking the ocean.

What are your favorite IG pages and websites to view?

My favorite IG pages to view are normally fashion or art related @odd_nyc @wired @thingspowerthemselves @alex_elle and . I love Pinterest too! 

What's your hair regimen?

I give my hair a lot of moisture to keep the curls brilliant. I normally rinse it every other day and add paraban free leave in conditioner. 


Like everyone, I have large goals and aspirations for myself. I want to tour my music around the world and provide for my family in larger ways than I was able to before. But in every goal that I have, I strive to create value for myself, those around me and the world. 

Any exclusive info or great news you would like to share?

Yes! I published my book MODEL BEHAVIOR  and have been doing a book tour all around the United States. MODEL BEHAVIOR is available on I also have been working on writing a lot of music lately and am releasing my first solo project material. I released my new single "Hour Glass" with SME, Stadium Music Enterprise in January. 

What brings you the most joy while creating your product/service? I have received fan mail from all over the world. People have expressed such a connection with me from seeing me win America's Next Top Model and that brings me the most joy. I was and am always just being myself and to know that it impacts peoples' lives in a positive way brings me a lot of joy. Otherwise, we're just living selfishly.

Niama Mora and Tyra Banks, Photo from

Niama Mora and Tyra Banks, Photo from

What are some of your recent accomplishments, greatest moments and /or realizations?

1. I was asked to present a TEDx talk last year and that was huge for me!!! I have received honorary awards from city conceals and even the key to a city!

2. I always love doing magazine spreads and covers as well! This article with HoneyBeNatural is an accomplishment i'm proud of too.

3. I was recently given the opportunity to be able to work with grammy award winning and nominated musicians on my new single "Hour Glass"! That was a dream come true!

What's your business website/Public contact information?

All my social media is @naimamora but my website is:

How do you feel about natural hair and/or natural beauty?

I always felt the need to process or straighten my hair with working as a model. I always felt that I would show up to set and the hair stylists just would not know what to do with it. But I recently did "The Big Chop" to just start natural and healthy from the start. I love my curls and love being able to just wash my hair and go. Its liberating!

What advice would you give to women to love themselves more?

Its hard being able to embrace ourselves in the face of what media tells us we should look like. In my book, MODEL BEHAVIOR, I talk about it a lot. But in short, I think we have to always shower ourselves with beauty, love and joy. So that we remind ourselves how much we are worth. We have to envision ourselves in our highs success and really believe and commit to it!