The natural beauties of MegaFest 2015. Photos by Isha Gaines <>

HoneyBeChat  with 5- time All American Angela Davis after a 1 hour intense workout in Dallas Texas at Clyde Warren Park as a part of Megafit for Megafest Dallas 2015.

Q:How do you keep your hair from not getting in the way of your workouts. 

  Angela: I keep it in its natural state instead of trying to process it and I wear it natural. That's the key. A good routine and a great conditioner to keep it quenched and heathly.


Q: What is the key to keeping your hair healthy especially after an intense workout?

Angela:  Natural hair will get dry so conditioner is important. Preferably leave in conditioner. I don't just use the same conditioner all the time because my hair starts getting used to the same product so I (often) change it up. (currently using Biolage) but I enjoy  switching it up all the time.


Angela on Mind, Body and Soul: 

"We make choices all through our day and at the end of the day, we become those choices which affect our mind body and soul."