Letters To Our Daughters


Editors Note: I used to write letters to myself for many years. I started in junior high and would literally talk to myself on paper. Every new lesson, every new love, every new opportunity.... just everything. I had to get it out, release it into the air and attach it to prayers hoping that God would hear me. He did. And he was always there with me. I know that now when I go back and read them. I was always stronger than I knew and always more loved than I would ever know how to love myself & other people. God is always speaking, even if through the words of others.

That was the idea behind this issue. Speak love into existence by sharing a letter to someone else.

What would you say to a young girl or unborn an child? How can we help our girls be strong? How can we empower them? My suggestion? We start in the mind, then work our way down to the heart.

Writing your feelings out, just like writing out your vision and plans is essential to growth and healing. I go back and read those letters thinking I was one depressed, happy and confused human being, lol. but Thank GOD for diaries!

I hope you enjoy this issue and discover something new about you, your dreams and your future. Let “Letters To Our Daughters” help you move forward and find healing through the words of other women. Share with your daughter, grandchild, niece, students and/or mentee. Tell them someone loves them and that their life matters. Remember start with the mind, and work your way down to the heart.

- I’sha Gaines, Founding Editor

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