What Social Media To Use?

Successful hair salons have to stay on top of trends, so it’s no surprise that salon owners and stylists are also embracing the hottest social media trends and using social media to promote their personal styles.

  • Instagram - Photo based and perfect for photo centered businesses

  • Facebook - Create a business page

  • Twitter - Link to Instagram

  • Styleseat - Can be used as a personal website for you - that can link to LocStar booking.

  • Wordswag - Can be used for quotes and to place words on photos

  • Boomerang - Makes the quick 1 to 3 secs vids

  • iMovie movie maker - Can create small videos for you

  • Snapchat, Instagram Stories - Can create short real time clips of your day, they can be saved and used later - place in your bio that you work @ LocStar

  • Rotate & Flip - Can flip videos in the event you record them sideways | FlipaGram can clip videos, fuse them and add music.

  • Pinterest - keeps a catalog of photos and also has viral potential. Who has pinterests? Look up loc’d styles… What pops up?

  • unUM!

Cleaning up Photos: Use Facetune

Posting Photos within a Grid: PicStitch & Collage

NOTE: Give yourself at least 48hrs to post!

Picture-taking tips and tools:

Lighting is everything and photos are worth a million words…...

1. Get closer rather than zooming in

The zoom function on your smartphone isn’t great. It’s better to move closer than it is to zoom in.

2. Take more than one photo - Let’s practice!

It’s always a good idea to take more than one photo from different angles. You don’t have to use every photo you take, but it’s good to have options.

3. Watch your background - let’s scout for locations in the shop with the best lighting.

Be mindful of what’s in the background of your picture. You don’t want a background that takes away from the main focus of the shot.

4. Check your focus - Let’s tap to focus.

On most smartphones you simply tap the screen to get the camera to automatically focus. Make sure you do so before taking the picture.

5. Get clients to smile - Give a smile, a fierce and a hair flip.

Your clients should look happy in the photos you share. Leave the sullen, angry look for runway models.

6. Use apps to make your life easier

Once you take a picture, you’ll want to edit the image and give it a little flair. There are many apps that can help you spruce up your shots, but here are five of the most popular tools for salon owners:

  • Word Swag: Use Word Swag to add text like the words “Before” and “After” to your photos.

  • Facetune: This app lets you fix blemishes on portraits. In other words, you can erase a pimple or red eyes.

  • PicStitch: Showcase your photos in frames with this handy app.

  • Filters: Use the same filter every time!

More and more customers are treating Instagram like a visual Google. When it comes to nail trends and hairstyles, people want pictures, not blog posts.

That’s why Instagram is a natural marketing tool for salons. While updating Instagram does take some time, it’s a small investment to make to attract new customers and maintain a relationship with current ones.


Social Media, The LocStar Way:

Let’s Try Posting, 3 Times A Day -Breakfast, lunch & dinner (#locstarsalon & #locstarDFW)

1. GoodMorning - Create a good morning post

Your Hair Style, Meet me at www.locstarsalon.com today!

Make today great, Meet me at www.locstarsalon.com today!

You are beautiful, Meet me atwww.locstarsalon.com today!

2. Before & After Photos during the day

  1. Your best style of the day or shift,

  2. Ask your client to take a before and after  

  3. Take multiple afters to use for later. Mention the name of the style and use the hashtags #locstarsalon, #locstarDFW, #Locs, #Arlington

  4. Also record a short video of the style. Walk around the client in a circle and have them say, "Isis did my hair at LocStarSalon in Arlington, Texas) - Text to the manager of the salon IG.

  5. REMINDER: quotes should be on black, white or gold background. The Font should be the same. LocStar uses a San Serif Font. Try and place quotes in this font as well.

3. Remind Clients that they can book online, book with you, specials of the week and even come get MORE LOCS at the salon.

4. Better-Together - Work with someone if you have to. Mayne graphics can be created a ahead of time and just posted later. 


Let’s Practice:

The look for posts: Simple (in Color or black & white) - that's the salon branding.

Sync Facebook and Insta: Let's turn our pages into business pages and sync now.

Let’s practice word swag

Let’s practice photo lighting

  1. What do all of these photos have in common?

2. What’s the difference between the three above and the ones here: