Empowerment Through Crotchet


Written by Joia Williamson

Summertime is winding down but why not still show off those curves with sexy yet original pieces that are crocheted. Candice Bondon is here to do just that with her hand made pieces.The Kansas City, Missouri native moved to Atlanta in summer 2015 to pursue her career, in nursing but to the powers that be other plans came aboard. Created by Cocoa Butterfly came about quite quickly by just the demand of locals and social media followers enjoying Bondon looks and pieces that they wanted for themselves.



“A journey of self discovery is related to the butterfly,”  in Created by Cocoa Butterfly and the cocoa reflects Bondon skin color something she hears a lot from peers.
 Bondon decided to wear a top she crocheted and posted on social media and the next thing you know inquires were coming in to duplicate her top. Less than 6 months of doing only hair jewelry, she became a fashion designer, covering fashion shows and natural hair expos. Her clientele grew with everyone seeing her work, word of mouth and following her on social media.
“I’m self taught, I pride myself on making my product well. I’m unique nobody is like me, my style is edgy and I like to use colors,” Bondon said.

Bondon is her own model for her products which happened to be by accident with her knowing a photographer who helped her with showing her handmade work at first. Liking the response on her photos she remained to be the model for her crocheted lines. Bondon explained that this process was through her dedication and the fulfillment of “feeling empowered,”.




“Learning to love myself and having confidence in myself, helped me,” Bondon explained with being a entrepreneur.
Bondon does come out with lines throughout the seasons but customized orders are welcomed.

“I just want people to come out with their own ideas, I’m just showing them my vision with my lines.” Bondon said.

Bondon has gone through her own trials and tribulations with beauty and acceptance but now remains confident and wants every woman to feel comfortable in their skin and in with her items.

“I love myself as I am and we tend to forget that we are always growing and evolving even if it’s temporary,” Bondon said on loving who you are.


Bondon future goal is to do wholesale orders from businesses and they can be purchased in local boutiques. In the meantime, please go to her site https://www.candicebondon.com/ and follow on Instagram at createdby_cocoabutterfly

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