9-15-12 HAPPY Anniversary HBN!

Because I'm HAPPY! Today is the day, two years ago, when HBN was launched. It has brought me a long way in the two years it has been alive. It has allowed me to recently start sharing my story with you. My condition seems to bring me closer together to the ones I love, and to the ones' that love me. It also has brought me into places, and allowed me to meet people, that I never thought I would go or meet. I can say that through the pain, crying, depression, ups, and downs, this illness has made me a stronger person. I am because of who HE is in my life. Never let anyone tell you that an illness is permanent. It is only temporary, and it can be dealt with just like everything else in your life. It can bring sadness, frustration, and even disappointments, but it will never leave you there. Only you can do that. I said all of that to say this. I have the illness, the illness does not have me! Forever FIGHT like a guy, or a girl, or BOTH! Can't qUiT...WON'T qUiT! sR