Hello Honeybeez!

On Tuesday, August 5th, I received news from the doctor that I will continue with radiotherapy as needed. The reason is because I have recently found out that I have a condition called Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. This condition in an inherited tendency to develop multiple cancers, caused by an abnormal or defective TP53 gene. This gene is in your body to suppress tumors. With the defect, the TP53 cannot suppress the tumors. According to the doctors, there is no cure for the disease, but I still believe that I will be cured from this. I will continue the fight like always. It has thrown me for a loop, and caused me to be sad and a little depressed, but I am still hopeful. ReMISSION was in my hands and became a state of mind for me. I am still in that state of mind and will continue to stay there.

Can't qUiT...WON'T qUiT!