Good Afternoon Honeybeez!

This weeks starts preventative radiotherapy. Sad,but true! Scans showed that the tumor is growing again. This means I have to do another month of radiotherapy. I am still in good spirits and still hopeful. I have to say that once you start the fight, it will continue until God sees fit to let it end. I am sad, but I will continue to fight until I have to no longer fight. I know my purpose and I plan on fulfilling that purpose on Earth. There is nothing that will allow me to wallow in depression and pity, because I am not that type of person. I am a fighter! Always have been and always will be! Nothing will stop me from fighting for me, my family, and my loved ones. What ever situation you are in, remember to always fight and don't let up.

Fight like a GIRL, a BOY, or BOTH!

Can't qUiT...WON'T qUiT...Didn't qUiT!