Happy Firday HoneyBeez!

Good Afternoon Beez!

This is the start of a fabulous weekend, with the continuation of the fight of my life. As I mentioned before, I am fighting a a rare genetic disorder called the TP53 Gene Disorder. This means that I will have to continue to take radiation therapy for the rest of my life. As I take this on, I would love the support of my natural hair friends and family, along with those who would like to get on board and send his or her encouraging words. I will continue to fight like a girl, like a guy, or both. I have had my bad days already, knowing that hair is a distant dream for me, but I have risen past that. It is depressing, and I won't say that I won't go there, but I can say that I will come back from there. I will not stay depressed and I will keep a smile on my face no matter WHAT!

Can't qUiT...WON't qUiT!