17 Days in ReMISSION!

Good Morning Honeybees!

This is the 17th day of remission for me and I'm glad about it. I have had one doctor's appointment and I'm glad to say that all of the tests and scans have came out perfect. I have another appointment coming up soon, and I am praying that all goes well on that day. Over the last week, I have been informed that someone in the natural hair circuit has been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. I was shocked by the news, and it also sent me back into time when I was diagnosed for the fourth time. I know that it is a scary place to be in, for yourself and for your family. I do have to say that your attitude and spirit is the best healer, besides GOD. I can't say that I didn't have bad days and I can't say that I was not down during the process. I can say that I didn't wallow in the bad days and sadness. Just like my death sentence was turned around (given 9 months to live), it can be turned around for others. Please keep me in your prayers and keep the comments flowing, they are wonderful. Also, keep Meechy Monroe in your prayers, and support her cause by donating if you can at www.GiveForward.com, search #GetWellMeechy.

Thank You!

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