Day #6....

Today is a good day...

That is a quote that was said in a movie. Probably was true for that person, but for me it was another story. The queasiness and throwing up took over today. I have medicine, but when you are throwing it up as well, it does not work. I have learned that it passes, but it is hard when it is happening. I do have to say that salt helps, but too much salt causes other issues. 

On another note, I have been able to connect with someone who found out she has breast cancer and starts her treatment soon. Just being able to help someone else is a big push for me to take this smiling and not sitting down. This journey is not my own. She, and her husband, are scared and wanted to know all about my symptoms, my hair, etc. I gave them the best advice I had. Realtime advice. Experience is more than a good teacher.

I hope that I was able to help her, and I will continue to help her has she goes through her fight and comes out on top, as I will.

Can't qUiT...WON'T qUiT

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