First Day!

I am Sharee. I am fighting Stage 3 Laryngeal Cancer. I have a 50 cent piece sized spot located on my vocal chords. This journal will give you a glimpse into my life while dealing with this disease. Today is the first day of the next 5 weeks of treatment. Radiotherapy began this morning at 9am. I arrived at the hospital optimistic and hopeful that everything would go as planned. There is nothing like going into the unknown with happiness in your heart. 

This journey will not be easy but it will be necessary and needed for me to continue on in life. Battling cancer has not been easy for me, but I have seemed to manage it for the last year and 8 months.

Therapy today was easy, not feeling the side effects that were explained to me, and not expecting to feel them at all. Wishful thinking can go a long way. I will post daily to let you know my progress and what is going on in my world. For those of you who will follow me through this journey, I want to first say thank you and second say please bare with me.

Again, thank you for following and I hope that it touches someone out there who is going through the same thing.

I'sha GainesComment