I'm FIGHTING like a GIRL and a GUY!

Today marks 5 weeks and one day since I started Chem/Radiation. It has been a long five weeks, and I have had to sit down and really think about life and what I want out of it. I do have to say that telling my testimony has allowed me to go through this with my head up! I may cry, I may get sad, and I may even fight against the fight, but I know in that it is well with me at all times. I have to say that I have fought Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, I have fought Laryngeal Cancer, I have fought breast cancer, and I am still fighting. To say that I know that I can make it is an understatement. I have made it, and I will do it again. This second battle with breast cancer has enabled me to see me for who I really am. I will continue to fight this disease and move forward with my life. There is nothing that I will not do to make sure that I win this fight! Can't Stop...WON'T sToP! sR