The Queen of Stress-Free Curls!

Meet the Queen of Stress-Free Curls, Shavonne Riggins!

Image: I'sha Gaines

Shavonne Riggins is the founder of CurlKalon. CurlKalon was created in 2015 to fill a void in the synthetic hair extension market when it came to protective styling options paired with a vision of creating safe, affordable and stress-free, textured, pre-looped curls that blended seamlessly with the hair textures of women with virgin hair. Finally, and as a natural hair wearer for 12-years, Riggins solved her own problem of “rolling and dipping hair” and created the CurlKalon brand.

“Once I had the ah-ha moment, I thought to go create the product,” Riggins said. “We have to let go of what we’ve been told and create a clear path to really finding our passion.

Riggins said the path to finding your passion and creating the life you want is understanding that you are powerful and not powerless.

Inadvertently feeling powerful leads to confidence!

“It’s important for us to understand that we have the power to be beautiful,” Riggins said. “When we are feeling beautiful, it helps our confidence and helps us feel like we can take control of our lives. Cause honestly by me going natural, it opened me up to wanting to eat better and to want to live better. We call that consciousness and when we're conscious we can make better decisions because we actually slow down. When we become more conscious, we become wiser.”

Now more confident and wiser, Riggins leaves us with a love challenge…..

“Love is the most beautiful thing we’re given every single day, Riggins said. “God loves us so much he’s placed us in this space where we can breathe and not even pay attention to it. Understand that you are loved and it’s your obligation to give that love as well. Recognize that you have this power to love like nothing no other and it’s your obligation and duty. I believe we should all spread love.”

So if you’re in the mood to show your scalp some love by giving it a break and want to exude confidence, visit to get a head start!

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