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Since we've recently launched our Much Needed Affirmation series on Facebook and YouTube , we thought it would be a great collaboration to add a little flair to QUEEN + QUEEN this week! We know running your business and keep up with the daily isn't easy, but with a little positive self-talk and hard work you can have it and own it! We love the story of OYIN HANDMADE and how they went from on-line only to major retailers nationwide! The owners exude positivity and gave a few personal positive affirmations and empowering words to help you finish your week strong!

"I actually have two paired power affirmations. The first is "get it!" Because sometimes, when the to-do list seems daunting and emails and requests keep piling on, we need a cheerleader in our heads, to help pump us up! And the 2nd is, "get it tomorrow!" Because capacity is real. Sometimes, in a list of 900 things, only 800 of them can humanly be done, and only 700 actually get done because distraction/capacity/emergencies/etc. On those days, which are almost every day, I carry over those undone items from my list into the next day, and add them to the next day's morning planning & power affirmation with thanks for another day to grind it out and follow my dreams."

"There is only one of you. Be yourself as big, as bold, as beautifully as you can be. You are the best you that the world has ever seen. Celebrate your you-ness. 

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