The Hair Lyrics (The Women from Essence 2017)

By: Erma W., Owner of the Pomade Shop

I love music because it speaks to parts of the soul that you didn't even know existed.  The way that lyrics provide a voice to those internal light-seeking places has always captivated me. Some of the performers at this year's Essence Music Festival are phenomenal lyricists and have awesome hair too!

1. Solange:  Always the trendsetter, Solange keeps us poised and awaiting her next move--in and out of the studio. "T.O.N.Y."  makes us bounce and "Don't Touch My Hair" showcases the no-nonsense Solange that we can't stop loving.  Solange's personality is much like her hair--effervescent and eclectic.

2.  Chaka Khan:  That voice, that voice, that voice!  "I'm Every Woman", "Everlasting Love", "Every Little Thing", "Love You All My Lifetime", "Angel" ...the hits are truly endless, and so is that mass of beautiful red hair. It's bold and fiery, just like Chaka.

 PC: Glasshouse Middle East 

PC: Glasshouse Middle East 

3.  Jill Scott:  Affectionately named "Jilly from Philly", Jill never fails to fly to new musical heights with her spellbinding vocal array of jazz, neo soul, and rhythm and blues. As she soars, her coils come along and dance in melodic ecstacy to the beautifully-polished instrument that is her voice--as we do.

4.  Leela James:  Leela's voice is like an aged whiskey that has been set in the sun to soak up its nutrients. On "Set Me Free" and "Fall For You", we hear Leela's vocal potency. When we see that larger than large and bigger than big hair, we float with it and let her voice carry us to new locations of musical delight.

5.  Diana Ross: This lady's roster of hits is as impressive as her hair.  Songs like "Love Hangover", "Upside Down", and "Touch Me In the Morning" are timeless classics, and so is Diana's hair. Diana put a special stamp on big, flowing hair. The way that her hair swishes from side to side in a cloud-like fashion will never stop being dazzling. 

 PC: Los Angeles Magazine

PC: Los Angeles Magazine

Music evokes vibrancy of Black culture, and these ladies are instrumental in prolonging its richness.  Thank you to all the performers at this year's Essence Music Festival. We can't wait to see there!

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