Reusable or Raggedy--The Healthy Hair Tools Edition

So many things go into having healthy hair. Included in those things are the tools that we use. We may have a personal attachment to our tools or just keep using them because they are around, but using worn hair tools can mess up our hair.  Sometimes, we have a flawed definition of what's good and what needs to go, so let's explore the difference between "reusable" and "raggedy" as it pertains to hair tools:

By: Erma W., Staff Writer

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  1. Combs with frayed seams:  Ideally, seamless combs are best because it alleviates the matter of having to worry about seams snagging the hair.  However, if you use a comb with seams, be mindful of frayed seams because they can pull the hair and lead to breakage and splits. Combs with frayed seams should be thrown away--right away.  I've heard of people filing the seams with an Emory board, but that's too much drama...just throw them away.
  2. Brushes with missing or torn bristles:  One of the best feelings is that of a brush with strong bristles against the scalp. Oh, the feeling of that massage! A brush with sturdy bristles that are intact feels heavenly, but one that is incomplete in structure lacks comfort and can weaken strands. Don't use a brush past its expiration date--toss it!
  3. Bobby pins without the protective coating:  It may be tempting to grab any old bobby pin to tuck up your hair, but resistance may prove to be the better choice if the intended object is sharp.  I have used bobby pins without protective coatings in a rush, thinking it'd be no big deal. In most cases, my initial assessment turned out to be false. I would end up with broken hair and split ends. When the protective coating falls off, retire the bobby pin to the trash can.
  4. Flexirods with loose caps or tops:  Flexirods provide great curls, but what isn't so great is the torn hair that results from the cap at the top of the rod being loose.  If the cap is still attached to the rod, you can push it firmly in place. If the cap has come apart from the rod, discard the flexirod. Don't keep it because your hair is more prone to being ripped by the metal prong that gives the rod its flexibility.

It's nothing wrong with keeping objects that work (even if they are aged), but getting rid of worn items is therapeutic--and great for your hair.  Retain the reusable, and release the raggedy!

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